Warm & Cozy!

I’ve seen some great DIY cozy instructions online do I figured I would try it! I’m really happy with the results.

For folks who haven’t heard about or used a ‘pot cozy’ before, here’s a tiny bit of context. Many backpackers boil water and add the hot water to their food to rehydrate and warm it up. This process is used instead of cooking the food in a traditional way for a few reasons, mainly it saves fuel so you don’t have to carry so much. The cozy wraps around your food bowl or pot (or ziploc bag or whatever you put your food in), so it will retain heat for longer than the vessel would have stayed warm without the insulating cozy!

The materials are Reflectix insulating “pipe wrap” and Reflectix foil/heat tape; they are available in Hardware stores but I ordered mine on Amazon (pipe wrap roll & heat tape). I ended up with a lot of material left over though I ordered the smallest roll I could find (4″ x 25′). The materials are super-lightweight and very effective insulation.

Everything I used for this project: box cutter, sharpie marker, Reflectix tape, Reflectix pipe wrap, and the bowl + lid from my JetBoil.

You can find instructions online to make your own cozy that fits whatever pot or dish you use while camping. I read everything and watched most of the videos after Googling “DIY pot cozy” and there are lots of different techniques out there. Here are the video and post I found most helpful; I followed these directions pretty closely.

Here are some pictures from my creation of a top and bottom cozy for the bowl that goes with my Jetboil stove.

The bigger one is the top, it fits seamlessly over the bottom so the whole bowl is completely encased in the insulating material while the food rehydrates & heats up. 

This is how the system looks with both the top and bottom cozy on the bowl. The food would be very warm and cozy in there because it’s “double-walled” — the sides of the bottom and top cozy fully overlap! 

I can take the top off but leave the bottom on when I’m ready to eat. This will keep the food warmer for longer and also protect my hands from the hot bottom/sides of the bowl when I’m eating. 

The top cozy has two slits in the side, to accommodate the slightly protruding lip of the JetBoil lid on the corresponding side.

I’m pretty excited to test these out in the field! I’ll let you know how it goes.

Next, I’m planning to create a custom cozy for my 16oz Nalgene bottle. I love to drink hot chocolate in the evenings at camp, but often it gets cold before I can finish it, so I’m hoping that a cozy will help keep it warm for longer.


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