Peak Experience: Mount Whitney

Many of you know that it’s been a three year quest to get on top of this mountain. 

The first year, I didn’t really care about Whitney – I just wanted to thru-hike the John Muir Trail and Whitney just happened to be the Southern Terminous. I made it 87 miles and had to leave the trail (I had overestimated the mileage I could do each day by a lot!).

The second year, I still didn’t care a ton about Whitney when I started out. But as I left Independence, I felt overwhelmed by this great hope that I could actually get there. I was pretty crushed when I broke a tooth and had to hike out! I got really depressed after coming home, but I resolved that I would just keep trying until I made it!

This year, I wanted it. I wanted it BAD! 


This is what I wrote in the trail register at Whitney Portal Hostel before embarking on this leg of the journey.


This whole experience with all its highs and lows taught me so much about perseverance and continuing toward a big goal despite failures and setbacks. NEVER GIVE UP!!! You can do the most audacious and wonderful things if you don’t let ‘failure’ stop you from dreaming big. 

I’m really not a fan of failing at things but it really helped me cultivate the ferocity to go even harder and get even stronger so I could finally succeed!! I know it was sweeter than it would have been if if made it on the first try!


there are rainbows in these clouds! didn’t come out in the pics


there was a rainbow ring around the sun. i know you can’t see it but I want you to know it’s there.


There was a bunch of snow on the trail for the last 2 miles to the top


This sums up what it takes to get here.


There are several of these.


I’m so happy, grateful and serene.    


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