Trail Towns a.k.a. TheVortex

What is the Vortex? It’s a place where thru hikers lose days, but I’ve learned that you should never regret a zero (a day where you hike zero miles). 

Here’s a podcast featuring some of the amazing hikers who vortexed me. These are some of the people, places, and things that vortexed me along the way. I’m grateful for every single one.

Lone Pine   





got my little knife sharpened!



Bishop (Again)


Mammoth Lakes   


tried to get a hitch with this sign. not sure why it didn’t work. had to spend another night in town.


South Lake Tahoe   




hike with Jesus for 100 miles…



Weed Police


Weed Bus


Seiad Valley  

best. wifi. ever.

Random Vortex Pics

I gotta get out of this vortex and hike North!



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