HikerTrash, Part 2

The journey continues. Not sure if it’s a spiral downward or upward but it’s definitely inward….


this is how you hikertrash a motel room


1200+ calories get in my belly


use a hotel bathroom to pee, desperately want to sneak in the shower real quick…


use a fellow hiker’s hotel room shower = winning


no bandaid for your infected wound? use duct tape!


panties so heinous, burn them and be liberated


girl, you gotta do you


religiously read and write in trail registers


drink these things


sink laundry is a luxury


be dirtier than this shower, which you snuck into anyway


eat chunky peanut butter in 6 tablespoon servings. be hungry again in 30 minutes. repeat.


refuse to spend quarters on coin op showers, rig up a platypus bag of hot water and use your collapsible bucket instead.


now that you don’t need to carry a bear canister, store your food in a garbage bag



Leg 6: Chester to Old Station

This was a short section and I hiked it with some friends which made it really fun. We went through Lassen Volcanic National Park and saw a big, smelly geyser. 

We also had a bobcat sneak up within about 10 feet of us / our camp at night. I didn’t see the gleaming green eyes but I saw the creature pacing. It took off running when a  hiker yelled and threw a big branch to scare it off. 

Another highlight was stopping at Drakesbad resort in Lassen park; it’s a pretty bougie place but they let hikers use the showers and laundry and MINERAL POOL if you buy a meal. So we had breakfast and ALL OF THE THINGS!

We ended up in the sleepy town of Old Station and checked out the Subway cave which is an enormous lava tube!

there is really different flora and fauna here! this shaggy lichen stuff is all over everything.

sometimes the signage sucks…

sometimes the signage is awesome…


love the PCT

breakfast at Drakesbad and my ticket to ride the shower train…


absolute power corrupts, absolutely


the PCT crosses a lot of roads, big and small.



field of purple flowers

this snuck up on me when I was hiking fast with my head down.


walked through at least 6 or 7 miles of burned, dead trees. the feeling was ominous there especially with the smoke from current fires raging nearby.


camped at Swan Lake (no ballerinas, i want my money back!) and enjoyed this sunset


Lassen is an awesome park; I’m grateful that I got to experience it.


17 mile day at a superfast pace to make it to the deli before they closed!


yes, that is ‘Redneck’ wine. ‘You know you’re a redneck if you drink this wine.’


old station volunteer fire department. lots of nearby fires; these guys were busy!


Epic Yellow Blaze

I skipped about 200+ trail miles by hitching north with a friend. It took us ten hitches, three buses, and two taxis but we met a lot of cool people along the way, and we had a lot of fun. By the way for folks who don’t know, yellow blazing means riding rather than walking up the trail (skipping sections by driving). 

Hitch #1: Levitt Lake (near Sonora pass) to Gardnerville, NV – father and son from Texas.

Hitch #2: Gardnerville to Stateline, NV –   Dreddy hippie family with two little boys, their car broke down halfway to where we were going…

Taxi #1: Stateline, NV to South Lake Tahoe, CA with Randy.

Taxi #2: FAIL. Got nowhere. Crazy story. Details later!

Bus #1: Caught a quick bus in town then…..

Hitch #3: South Lake Tahoe to random campground on highway 89 with a self-described “failed JMT hiker” and his son.

Hitch #4: random campground to to Tahoe City with a lady who apologized for not taking us very far.

Bus #2: Tahoe City to Truckee on TARTS (oh yeah); bus was miraculously waiting when we got there.

Hitch #5: outside Truckee to random junction on 89 with a lady in a black Mercedes.

Hitch #6: random junction to Sierraville with a fire fighter who drive very very fast.

Hitch #7: got a quick ride from a preacher & his friend in their jeep. They gave us beers and took us to camp behind the church in town.

Hitch #8: from Sierraville to just north of Quincy (70&89 split) with a hippie headed to festival in Belden.

Hitch #9: 70/89 to Indian Falls with super nice lesbians at a summer camp with their children. There were pool floats fully inflated in the car and we had to squish them between us and the girls.

Hitch #10: Indian falls to Greenville with a lady driving her husband’s truck. It had camouflage seats and a tiny calendar of a porn lady grabbing her boobs.

Bus #3: Greenville to Chester on the shakiest and worst bus with possible the best signage ever.  


Renge’s First Bath

Renge is my trail mascot; he is a Buddhist lion. He sits on my shoulder when I hike. Renge has traveled with me since last year. I recently realized (when a small child touched him) that he was REALLY dirty!




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Leg 5: Tuolumne to Levitt Lake

This section was awesome! Very beautiful but some bad weather impeded progress so it took an extra day of walking to make it back to town. This is the last stretch I will hike in the Sierra since I’m planning to skip north from here and continue walking into Oregon.


Hungry Like A Wolf

Ran out of food on this last section because I can’t stop eating. God bless the people who gave my pathetic ass some food! Made it out with some ramen & veggies (less than 1 meal) and a few M&Ms. Fun times. Will try not to do that again.


enjoying the last of the beef jerky



I’m happy to become more hikertrashy with each mile I hike. Here are some examples of this awesome transformation.

More info and discussion about the term HikerTrash here on Trailside Radio. 

um. yeah. that’s some dirt.


eat all of the pies


even my gloves don’t give a fuck


after washing…


socks and crocs are fashionable


everything I put in my mouth ends up on the ground


to do list on my arm


sitting on a bag of dirt.


dying my hair with kool aid.

butter in my coffee


enjoying adult beverages in town.


eat everything



fixed holes in the butt of my windpants with tenacious tape


broke my hikertrashy nail. packed it out.


my most important possession. opens my bear can so I can eat food!

ran out of food. took mayonaise shots. liked it.

cheezit dust is actually a delicacy.

washed my panties in this.

carry rum in a shoe.

Leg 3: Onion Valley to South Lake

I’m trying to keep y’all updated on my experiences out here but it’s hard to find the words. So here are some pictures! This leg was 5 passes in 6 days (Kearsarge, Glen, Pinchot, Mather, Bishop).